Integrated Sustainability Services offers a range of highly focused services to support public and private sector clients in the U.S. and internationally. An extensive set of international consultants across five continents provides additional areas of expertise such as natural resources management, community outreach, off-grid energy, and water and sanitation (WASH). As such, Integrated Sustainability Solutions is able to assemble teams for particular project needs.

Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience

Building adaptation and resilience through flexible pathways. Understanding that current climate change projections of impacts often cannot provide information at the level of temporal and spatial resolution necessary, building adaptation pathways that are designed to iteratively incorporate new information is key. Such interventions are built such that modifications can be made without the need to rebuild original structures, with cost and time savings.

Evaluation of Climate Change Projects

Global experience with USAID, GEF, and EU evaluations of climate change, energy, forestry, and biodiversity projects. Experience working both individually and in teams of national and international consultants, including as team leader. Innate ability to connect with key informants and obtain high quality data in a time efficient manner.

Greenhouse Gas Inventories and GHG Mitigation

Co-designed first U.S. registry for greenhouse gases, and built calculation tools for multiple sources and sinks of CO2, CH4, SF6, N2O, and others. Greenhouse gas calculation tools spanned all sectors - forestry, agriculture, transportation, energy, and industrial processes. Authored LULUCF chapter of U.S. greenhouse gas inventory. Enabled corporate reporting of greenhouse gas emissions / carbon footprints to U.S. EPA Climate Leaders and the CDP.

Corporate Sustainability Strategy

Instituted U.N. Global Compact Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) corporate sustainability reporting at multinational Fortune 50 corporation. Built cloud reporting system to receive enterrpise wide data. Advised on corporate sustainability strategy and led multiple aspects of reporting across different reporting protocols.

Proposal Development

Extensive experience with proposal writing to USAID, DFID, IaDB, US DOE, and GEF. Excel at interpreting client needs and divising winning technical approaches, methodologies, and project management strategies, in an efficient manner. Well suited with working with virtual or in-person teams to develop proposals.

Rapid Mobilization

Agile, flexible and able to mobilize with a short lead time, and can adapt to client and donor schedules for rapid deployment to project sites.


Native English speaker, fluent in Portuguese (with experience working in Portugal, Mozambique, and Brazil), and professional level fluency in Spanish (experience working in Mexico, Colombia, and Peru).