The Company

Integrated Sustainability Solutions LLC is a climate change and corporate sustainability consulting firm, which brings a wealth of over two decades of experience working with private and public-sector clients at all levels - city, county, state, region, national, and international. Integrated Sustainability Solutions is a certified minority owned business in the state of New York (MBE) as well as New York City. Through a vast network of independent consultants and companies around the world, Integrated Sustainability Solutions complements in-house technical expertise, and extends geographic reach to Africa, Europe, and South America. Our company offers both deep technical domain knowledge, and experience working with Fortune 500 firms; U.S. government agencies such as USAID, EPA, and DOE; as well as multilateral and international institutions such as the Interamerican Development Bank, the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID), and the European Union (EU). We offer technical expertise and solutions, project monitoring and evaluation, and proposal development support. Our approach is based on a commitment to a comprehensive multifaceted analysis of environmental challenges, institutional agility, and complete responsiveness to client needs. We seek and have successfully developed long term relationships with clients by always aiming to exceed customer expectations. We specialize in both domestic and international environmental technical assistance (STTA - short term technical assistance), corporate sustainability strategy and reporting, project monitoring and evaluation, proposal development, and international development in-country tracking of business opportunities. The company is registered in the U.S. System for Award Management (SAM), DUNS, CAGE, and is an LLC registered with the New York Department of State. A list of previous clients and testimonials is here. Please contact us with your consulting needs.

Keith Forbes - Founder and Principal Consultant

Keith Forbes has over 20 years of experience working internationally on climate change, land use, international development, and sustainability strategy in the U.S., Africa, Europe, S. America, and Asia. He has lived and/or worked in Zambia, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, the U.S., Canada, and Portugal, and, on work assignments in Mozambique, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Nepal, and Bhutan. His areas of specialization include the interface between climate change and land use, climate change adaptation, resilience, greenhouse gas inventories, and sustainability strategy. Keith has worked for international development contractors (for USAID, DFID, EU/EC), for-profit and not-for-profit private sector consulting (including the U.S. Fortune 500), NGOs, foundations, and within academia. He has taught at Skidmore College (USA), is on the UNFCCC roster of experts for land use and other climate change areas, and has been an expert reviewer for the IPCC on land use issues related to climate change, and the U.N. Millennium Ecosystem Assessment. Keith has published widely, is multilingual, and holds a Master’s of Science degree in Environmental Science, with a focus in tropical forest ecology and international development from Indiana University’s (Bloomington, Indiana, USA) School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Please see U.S. format resume or E.U. format CV for more details.

  • >20 years of international experience.
  • Technical Expertise – International Development; Climate Change Vulnerability, Adaptation, and Impacts; Energy; Climate Change and Land Use; Greenhouse Gas (GHG) management; Corporate Social Responsibility including Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).
  • Institutional Roles – technical, research, new business development, policy, and project management.
  • Cross-cultural agility – multilingual (Portuguese and Spanish) and excels at inter-cultural communications.
  • Research and Presentations – climate change, electric vehicles (EV), REDD+, biofuels
  • Public Speaking – experienced speaker and facilitator from small groups to hundreds of audience members
  • UNFCCC expert roster and expert reviewer for IPCC and Millennium Development Report

Technical Implementation
Policy Design
New Business Development
Evaluation and Assessment
Corporate Sustainability